Lunor A12 Octagon vintage

When trend researchers are asked about their outlook for the future, the three most common responses are: vintage, sustainability, and minimalism. Three concepts that go logically together and have the potential to shape all consumer behavior and lifestyle. The new eyewear for 2021 is fully in keeping with these trends.

Vintage expresses a yearning for times gone by. Last year presented us with unprecedented challenges as we faced the threats of a global pandemic and increasing social divisions. So, in times of uncertainty, we try to defend our values and embark on a search for meaning. Retro products seem to fulfill these desires by telling stories of (supposedly better) days from the distant past.

Minimalism stands for letting go of everything unnecessary. It’s found in architecture and design, and is also evident in a person’s very own lifestyle. It aims to consume only a small amount or even nothing at all. Die-hard minimalists are even said to have a rule of owning ninety-nine things maximum. On that note, you might want to think about your own home. It’s fairly likely not much would be left if you were to limit yourself to ninety-nine possessions. A minimalist lifestyle aims to influence our overstimulated minds positively and, beyond that, also be good for the environment. That’s because less consumption means less waste, fewer carbon emissions, and less overexploitation.

There’ll always be things that can’t be minimized away

This, logically, brings us to the next major trend of our times: sustainability. What matters here is not only how much we consume, but most of all what we consume. After all, there’ll always be things that can’t be minimized away. Food items, medical products, replacements of damaged and irreparable objects. That’s why it’s all the more important that our consumption is sustainable and environmentally friendly. Second-hand shopping is growing in popularity (which brings us back to the vintage trend), and just as important as second-hand is a careful selection of new, sustainably manufactured products.

When the Lunor eyeglass factory opened 30 years ago, it was hard to imagine that vintage, sustainability, and minimalism would one day be the words on everyone’s lips. A pioneer in an absolute market niche, it has been driven since its beginning by a vision of making glasses with a return to genuine craftsmanship. Each pair of glasses a sophisticated masterpiece, inspired by one of the largest antique eyeglass collections and made in small batches. Today Lunor is the first company in the eyewear industry to be certified 100% climate-neutral. Its years of investment and effort to do business as environmentally friendly as possible are paying dividends. For people and for nature.

Eyewear 2021: vintage frames


Come with us to a time that is long gone, yet seems so close you could touch it. The 1950s and 1960s stand for revival and prosperity; in Germany they were characterized by the Economic Miracle. A time when the jazz and big-band feeling radiated out of loudspeakers and inhibition-free rock ‘n’ roll dances made for fiery passion. Take a look around: You might even find little relics from the thrilling ’50s and ’60s in your home, with the Eames Chair, kidney tables, and unmistakable Coconut Chair back in fashion today.

This era bred the inspiration for the new A13 line. The lamination in particular awakens a retro feeling. What makes the line exceptional, however, is its two-layered acetate plating. The top acetate plating, in black, is carved out with precision by hand, letting the bottom secondary color shine through. The contrasts have a subtler effect in the black and Havana tones version. Those who prefer a more striking appearance might prefer black with transparent crystal. The lamination accentuates the eyebrows marvelously. Another feature to behold is the recurring arrow shape, whether on the impressive and quintessential arrow-shaped Lunor double-riveted hinge or on the earpiece.


The roaring ’20s! It’s hard to think of another time that radiated as much glitz and glamor as the 1920s did. It was a time of prosperity, culture, and nightlife, despite – or even perhaps because of – Prohibition. These golden years are best represented by the “flappers”: Women who took advantage of new freedoms and didn’t feel any inhibitions about smoking, drinking, or even acting in an “unladylike” fashion. Radio, the first movies, a vibrant jazz music community: Without a doubt, the 1920s were truly some glorious years.

This decade inspired the Lunor designers who developed the A12 acetate line. Small shapes with a fine rim, complemented by prominent, wide temples. The low-sitting end pieces add a special retro chic. You create your own highly personal look with your acetate frame thanks to the striking, inorganic design. The muted colors are also classic, being hand-polished to a high sheen or given a matte finish through an elaborate process.

Minimalist eyewear


The Lunor Classic line models are of almost unparalleled minimalism. The principle behind them is simple: lenses, bridge, temples. As a result, the frames are lightweight and discreet when worn. However, as is so often the case with designer glasses, the best aspects are to be found in the detail. The screw head’s concave lower edge ensures optimum pressure distribution across the lenses, while the elegant stainless-steel temples are covered with wafer-thin acetate on the earpieces. Our proprietary Lunor saddle bridge, made of stainless steel, and an optional titanium-pad system ensure the highest level of comfort, all in keeping with our designers’ main mantra: as much as necessary, as little as possible.


An acetate frame that radiates minimalism? Granted, the bold rims and vibrant colors that are intrinsic to acetate seem somewhat less than minimalist. However, the Lunor A5 is an extraordinary line that thoroughly deserves the title. This acetate line is the most successful in the collection and likely owes this achievement to its simplicity, with no loud adornment and only artisanal details that are absolutely necessary. The original Lunor riveted hinge wasn’t for decoration either, as it’s one of the few functional riveted hinges on the market. The soft, transparent nuances for 2021 also remain subtle.

Sustainable glasses

Lunor B1

Take a trip back to a highly traditional material of the eyeglass industry: natural horn. The horn of the Asian water buffalo, something that would not be sustainable if these animals were reared solely for it. Rather, they are valuable livestock for agricultural work for the families who own them. Only once the animals have naturally passed away does their horn gain a new usage: as a material for premium eyeglass frames. Compared to visually similar acetate frames, horn-rimmed glasses are special in how they respond to body heat in particular, which means they adjust to the head’s shape over time. What’s more, every frame is a unique piece, with no grain or color ever being completely identical. These frames come featuring the typical, uniquely Lunor riveted hinges.