Lunor A14 700 acetate glasses

We often associate courage with great personalities, deeds and decisions. But if you take a closer look, courage can be found in many areas of our lives. How courage is also visible in fashion and why we are only one decision away from using it for ourselves.

The bold look

It is a hot August day in the summer of 1948 in New York City. For the fifth day in a row, the thermometer has been over 30 degrees. The heat of the day can still be clearly felt in the early evening. Little by little, the offices in the tall buildings are emptying. A mass of black and gray suits makes its way home through the streets of New York City. Among them is a young man who has just stepped out of the Empire State Building. His blue suit makes him stand out from the black and gray crowd. He loosens the Windsor knot of his boldly striped tie. The gold cufflinks sparkle with every movement. He polishes the large lenses of his wide-rimmed glasses before putting them on. This man was one of the men who discovered the “bold look” in the spring of 1948. A style of dress that encourages men in particular to make bold choices when selecting their suits, shirts, hats, shoes and accessories. The man feels comfortable in these clothes. He feels the joie de vivre that he associates with this style. He strides confidently through the streets, ready for the world that awaits him.

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Even today, 75 years after its creation, the Bold style still encourages people to make bold fashion choices.

Courage that pays off

It is therefore not surprising that the latest member of the Lunor family, the A14, is conquering the hearts of self-confident spectacle wearers under the motto “The world belongs to the brave”. With a striking bold aesthetic, these glasses are an eye-catcher for anyone who appreciates subtle elegance. The large frames offer space for different patterns, structures and surface designs.

The wide push-in temples, rectangular cut-outs at the end of the temples and the outward-facing shape guarantee a comfortable fit. Lowered cheeks further define the face and make it look more expressive. The acetate frame also makes the A14 incredibly lightweight and the timeless design promises years of wearing pleasure. The frames are handmade in Germany by our experienced spectacle makers. The A14 is available in the shapes anatomic (oval-rectangular), square, round and panto (oval-round). You can also choose between the colors black, dark Havana and Havana spotted. The bold combination of tradition and innovation also makes the A14 something very special. A decision that pays off.

Lunor A14 703

Lunor A14 703

At Lunor, we manufacture all our acetate spectacles in family-run businesses in southern Germany. This is how we guarantee the highest quality, traditional craftsmanship and fair working conditions. The productions are logistically favorable, so that we have extremely short delivery routes. We can trace every pair of glasses back to their origin, the production of the raw material. The high-quality acetate is made in Italy. You will feel this quality and enjoy wearing it for years to come.