Sustainability @ Lunor: we are 100% climate-neutral [part 2]

Climate change is directly connected to the emission of greenhouse gases. Carbon dioxide, or CO2, is the most common greenhouse gas emitted by humans. We at Lunor see it as part of our corporate responsibility to help reduce greenhouse gases. In part 1 of our Sustainability@Lunor series, we explained how we do this at our nearly self-sufficient headquarters in the Black Forest. In part 2, we will explain how we have managed to make all of our operations climate-neutral.

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Sustainability@Lunor: Lunor’s green headquarters [part 1]

In the Sustainability@Lunor series, we will be demonstrating our commitment in three parts, starting with our headquarters in the Black Forest. Sustainability and environmental protection are increasingly becoming the focus of attention. More and more people are considering the environment in their actions and consumer behavior. This ranges from leading zero-waste lifestyles to minimizing one’s carbon footprint as much as possible.

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