How to recognize high-quality eyewear frames

Glasses wearers don’t want to compromise on quality, durability, or production when choosing their frames. But how do you even recognize high-quality frames? The following list of attributes will help you find out for yourself whether your frames are worth the money you paid for them.

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These glasses suit your face shape

People who wear glasses are always asking which frame suits them best. But have you ever asked yourself what face shape you have? The shape of the wearer’s face is one of the most important points of reference for buying the right pair of glasses. The face’s shape is the main thing that determines its harmony. In our latest blog post, you can find out how to determine the shape of your face and find the right pair of glasses to suit your personal proportions. Let this many examples inspire you!

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Metal glasses: gold, silver or rose gold—the right color for you

Metal glasses are perfect for a classic look. But the typical gold, silver and rose gold aren’t one-color-fits-all. While golden tones are more suitable for warmer types, silver nuances can make cooler types really shine. Find out which type you are in our latest blog. We will also reveal the color that’s perfect for almost any type of skin.

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Four easy ways to protect your eyes against blue light

You might have heard about blue light and are asking yourself how dangerous it really is. Here we explain what it is, how much of it is negligible and when it might become an issue. These four measures against blue light are easy to take and provide lasting protection for your eyes.

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