Daughters in family businesses: today’s the day we start a winery

Wine production is more of an art than a science. So who in their right mind would get the idea to buy, overhaul, and run a vineyard without any prior knowledge? The Bremer family from the German town of Calw, that’s who. We met up with Leah Bremer for an interview on how a family managed to do the impossible.

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Daughters in a family company: the uncompromising businesswoman with a heart

A hotel with 125 beds, 100 employees, three restaurants (including a Michelin-starred one) and an enormous wellness area requires a lot of work. Hard work. Something Elisabeth Berlin knows all too well. Just 33 years old, she manages the Hotel Berlins KroneLamm in Zavelstein in the Black Forest. She and her three brothers continue the business their parents once started together in a leased hostel for hikers. The family company’s concept is well-received – it features close ties to their home, food from the region and a great big serving of the pure Black Forest world. However, there is a meticulously well-planned company behind this concept.

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“I wish everyone had something that made them as happy as dancing makes me”

Domenico Franzo is 28 years old, lives in the Northern Black Forest region, and leads a double life. A life devoted to dancing...and selling high-quality glasses. By day, he works for the eyewear manufacturer Lunor, selling its products all over the world. By night and at the weekends, he dances competitively at championship level in Germany. Over the years, he has realized just how well these two lives complement each other.

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We’re Lunor, the glasses manufacturer from the Black Forest.

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