Which glasses suit my eye color?

Glasses frames are available in countless colors, from warm Havana hues to transparent tones, all the way to metallic shades. But which glasses suit your eye color? A model that might make one person shine could make someone else’s eyes look small and their skin seem pale. Each face is unique, and whether a pair of glasses suits you depends mainly on whether the color matches your eye color. Whether your eyes are green, blue, or brown, our guide will help you find the glasses best suited to your eye color.

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2021’s new eyewear: vintage, sustainability, and minimalism.

When trend researchers are asked about their outlook for the future, the three most common responses are: vintage, sustainability, and minimalism. Three concepts that go logically together and have the potential to shape all consumer behavior and lifestyle. The new eyewear for 2021 is fully in keeping with these trends.

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Metal glasses: gold, silver or rose gold—the right color for you

Metal glasses are perfect for a classic look. But the typical gold, silver and rose gold aren’t one-color-fits-all. While golden tones are more suitable for warmer types, silver nuances can make cooler types really shine. Find out which type you are in our latest blog. We will also reveal the color that’s perfect for almost any type of skin.

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Matte acetate glasses: what you should know

Matte acetate glasses are velvety soft in appearance and adapt naturally to the wearer’s face and hair color. If you already have matte acetate glasses or are thinking of buying some, you will also appreciate the pleasant way they feel. What you should know about your matte glasses frames. And about the other properties of matte acetate.

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