Metal glasses color gold silver platinum rose

Metal glasses are perfect for a classic look. But the typical gold, silver and rose gold aren’t one-color-fits-all. While golden tones are more suitable for warmer types, silver nuances can make cooler types really shine. Find out which type you are in our latest blog. We will also reveal the color that’s perfect for almost any type of skin.

Metal glasses are practically the bedrock of all glasses, with the earliest corrective lenses being set in metal frames some short 650 years ago. Since then, these glasses have become genuine statement and fashion pieces. But that also means that glasses have to be just right for the person who wears them. Metal glasses always beg the question: Gold, silver or rose gold? The right color metal in perfect harmony with your complexion can really make your skin shine. The wrong color, however, can make you look tired, pale and unwell. We will explain how to choose the metal glasses that suit you best.

To determine which metal color is most flattering, you first have to determine your skin type. This requires taking both your skin and your hair into consideration.

There are two basic skin types: warm and cool. However, this is unrelated to complexion. Even lighter skin types can have warm undertones.

The following three characteristics will help you determine whether you have a warmer or cooler skin type.

The cool type

  1. Veins: Examine the back of your lower arm in natural daylight if possible. Do your veins appear rather blue or green?
    Blue veins are an indicator of a cooler undertone.
  2. Skin: Cooler skin undertones can be anywhere from pinkish to bluish. These types often have lighter skin colors, but even darker complexions can be classified as cool. They will have an olive-colored undertone.
  3. Hair: Light, ashy blond to dark brown, or bluish black.

Do you have a cool skin type? Then silver is the color for you!

The warm type

  1. Veins: Examine the back of your lower arm in natural daylight if possible. Do your veins appear rather blue or green?
    Green veins are a sign that your skin has a warm undertone.
  2. Skin: Warm skin undertones can range from cream-colored to yellowish or apricot. Warm types with a light undertone are often highly sensitive to sunlight, resulting in freckles that can be anywhere from golden to reddish.
  3. Hair: Blond hair is rather gold- and red-tinged, though it can also have rich copper and reddish-brown hues.


Does this sound like you? Then you should go for the gold.

Neither warm nor cool: what to do if neither of these types clearly applies to you

Of course, many people’s skin tones can be classified as neither warm nor cool. In these cases, metal glasses in both gold and silver are generally suitable. Try some pairs out for yourself at your local optometrist and find out what you like best.


Rose gold—the golden tone that looks good on anyone

Rose gold occupies a unique position among the various metal colors. This subtle golden tone is a flattering color for nearly everyone, letting even those with cooler skin types wear metal glasses that are (almost) gold. But even warmer types often turn to rose gold because of its more understated aesthetic compared to yellow-gold.

We at Lunor manufacture glasses in the classic metal colors of gold, silver and rose gold. Many of our metal glasses are also available in blue, black and brown, or in gentle satin and matte metal tones. This way, we can offer the right pair of glasses for any personal style.