Many factors determine whether a pair of glasses suits you, one being your eyebrows. A pair of glasses can highlight, conceal, emphasize, or even optimize your eyebrows. Which glasses match which eyebrow shape, plus: our personal recommendations.

Up to your eyebrows! You can by all means take this literally: as well as framing our face, eyebrows are THE distinguishing facial characteristic and mood barometer. Most people intuitively mention the eyes as the most important facial feature, but they are probably wrong. The fact is that eyebrows play a far more important role than we know (or would hope for). You may be able to fake a smile, but your eyebrows prove beyond a doubt whether you mean it. Our eyebrows are a central means of communication and expressing emotion, but despite the research on the topic, they remain at once enigmatic and revealing.  Eyebrows also help us identify other people. In one study, test subjects were shown images of celebrities, first with just the eyebrows covered, then hiding only the eyes. The results: 56% of the test subjects recognized the celebrities without their eyes – but only 46% recognized them without their eyebrows.


It’s shocking that so little attention is paid to this important distinguishing facial feature. However, this should change no later than when you start wearing glasses, since your eyebrows are extremely important when choosing the right glasses shape. Put simply, you can say that the upper edge of your glasses frame should harmonize with the shape of your eyebrows. When the glasses frame runs parallel to your eyebrows and your eyebrows are visible above the frame, you’ve found the winning combination. It is more difficult when the glasses frame covers or intersects your eyebrows, but even this can be a style statement, depending on their shape.


Speaking of which: we distinguish between five eyebrow shapes –

rounded, straight, slanting upward, arched and slanting downward.

Rounded eyebrows curve gently and are regular and harmonious. If you have rounded eyebrows, you can usually wear a lot of different glasses shapes. Here, oval, slightly rounded lines that match your eyebrow shape will look best.

Rounded eyebrows Lunor M9 01 RG rose gold

Straight eyebrows are flat with little or no curve. Straight glasses frames harmonize particularly well with this eyebrow shape. If you have straight eyebrows, you can choose a frame that completely covers them to create a new eyebrow shape, and with it, a different facial expression.

Straight eyebrowsLunor A6 250 02 dark Havana

Upward-slanting eyebrows are characterized by a rising line, particularly towards the front of the brow; this can be slightly curved but usually appears straight. In this case, rounded glasses that slope down at the sides are ideal. Eyebrows of this shape are sometimes intersected by the glasses frame, which means that a harmonious effect can be created by rimless glasses.

Upward-slanting eyebrowsLunor XV 1501 GP Gold

The same applies to arched eyebrows as to rounded eyebrows: these people can wear lots of different shapes, particularly gently rounded disc shapes. One thing to consider: high eyebrows often look best with wide lenses.

Arched eyebrowsLunor A10 353 46 burgundy

Downward-slanting eyebrows are characterized by an outer third which is angled downwards. The ideal glasses shape should again follow this line and slope downwards towards the outside. Faces with downward-slanting eyebrows can sometimes look tired. Glasses that completely cover the eyebrows can have a positive effect in such cases. However, the eyebrows should not dominate the frame too much.

Downward-slanting eyebrowsLunor M12 02 RG satin rose gold
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