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Which glasses suit my eye color?

August 26th, 2022|0 Comments

Glasses frames are available in countless colors, from warm Havana hues to transparent tones, all the way to metallic shades. But which glasses suit your eye color? A model that might make one person shine could make someone else’s eyes look small and their skin seem pale. Each face is unique, and whether a pair of glasses suits you depends mainly on whether the color matches your eye color. Whether your eyes are green, blue, or brown, our guide will help you find the glasses best suited to your eye color.

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These glasses suit your face shape

September 14th, 2021|0 Comments

People who wear glasses are always asking which frame suits them best. But have you ever asked yourself what face shape you have? The shape of the wearer’s face is one of the most important points of reference for buying the right pair of glasses. The face’s shape is the main thing that determines its harmony. In our latest blog post, you can find out how to determine the shape of your face and find the right pair of glasses to suit your personal proportions. Let this many examples inspire you!